Prayer and Praise


No practice in Christian living is more often spoken of in the Scripture than prayer and praise both as duty and as privilege. The Bible gives examples of and instruction in these practices. In the Old Testament, Daniel is an outstanding example in that, despite the king's decree to the contrary, he faithfully and openly prayed to God three times a day. The Psalms are filled with prayer and praise to God. Reading them, the Christian learns of the rich rewards from such practices. Our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, as our sure example in holy living, often gave Himself to prayer and praise. He also often instructed His disciples, and thus Christians of all generations, to pray faithfully and to expect God's answer (Matthew 7:7; John 16:23-24; James 5:16b).


A sense of need is a sufficient call to prayer. Burdened sinners may come boldy to the throne of grace and find a welcoming Father from whom they can obtain forgiveness. Similarly burdened Christians can find in prayer the assurance of God's love and relief from their burdens as they cast all their care son the Lord (I Peter 5:7).


Prayer is the life-breath of Christian living and gives the Christian unbroken access to the Heavenly Father. It is thus essential for the maintenance and development of the Christian life. We believe that families within our fellowship should set apart a time for collective prayer each day, Bible reading and praise; and that in our public services of worship, we should give importance to prayer and praise.


"SACRED WORSHIP Prayer and Praise" is taken from page 17 of "Faith and Practice The Book of Discipline 2000 Revision" by The Evangelical Friends Church Eastern Region.