Church History of the Saxapahaw Friends Church, 1915 - 2007, and Cornerstone Community Church (CCC) of Saxapahaw, 2007 - Present

In 1914, Sam and Ella Woody felt the need to have a Friends Church in the Saxapahaw community and began by organizing a Sunday School that met in the store at 5836 Whitney Road. Interest grew and in 1915 preachers who had a concern would come and hold services in the afternoon.

Ella Woody and Mennie Durham went about the area in a buggy to get donations to build a Meeting House. They traveled as far as Graham. Sam and Ella Woody donated the land for the building and it is told that Mrs. Woody sold her last cow to help make possible this place of worship. In 1916, they began building the Meeting House to be known as "Woody's Chapel."

Frank Woody, Sam and Ella's son, was 17 years old, just learning the carpentry trade, and worked with Anderson and McBanes building the Meeting House. He built the first benches for the Meeting House.

In 1918, the deed was made over to the North Carolina Yearly Meeting in Graham. There were five charter members: Sam Woody, Ella Woody, Virginia Johnson, Jonnie Ellington, and Mennie Durham (Many thought that Mennie joined the Church, but she did not join because she dipped snuff. She was in Church every time the doors were open.)

In those early years some of the Quaker pastors were John Permar from the Graham Friends Meeting, Mary C. Woody, Margaret Hackney, Rufus Pegg, Henry Wreen, Ed Harris, and Lewis McFarrlan.

About 1935, Samuel Woody and his family invited Rev. Joseph Price to hold services for them. Rev. Price preached regularly for about three years. During his ministry a request was made to be a part of the Ohio Yearly Meeting.

On January 5, 1938, Sam Woody, having purchased the deed from the North Carolina Yearly Meeting for $100, the Church became a Monthly Meeting in the Hampton Roads Quarterly Meeting.

During the years 1941-1944 when Clyde Smith was pastor, he announced from the pulpit, "Hereafter this Meeting shall be called Saxapahaw Friends Meeting of Ohio yearly Meeting." It seems that after this the Meeting began to grow for a while, both numerically and spiritually. There were at that time nineteen members and a Sunday School enrollment of 56.

In 1942, Pamona (now Hunter Hills Evangelical Friends Church), Pleasant View, Saxapahaw, and Pine Mountain, a group of Meetings in North Carolina, requested permission to form a new Quarterly Meeting to be known as Piedmont.

On December 5, 1942, the Monthly Meetings held their first Quarterly Meeting.

On April 28, 1946, the Church was paid off and the mortgage was burned by the oldest member and founder, Ella Woody. This was the first time the Church had been out of debt since it was built in 1916.

On June 12, 1947, the Church members decided to add two class rooms. It was then that they added the two wings on the back sides of the Church giving them four additional rooms.

On May 22, 1947, Sam Woody died and left to the Church an additional 50 feet of land behind the Church and parsonage.

In 1958, a new heating system was installed in the Church. The two wood heaters were sold to Harold Knighten and Mr. Blackstock.

In 1960, Pastor Reich began to underpin the Church. The job was finished in 1961.

In 1961, James Knighten and his helpers, D. L. Johnson and Pastor Reich, built some new back door steps out of cement. The old steps were built in 1941 out of wood.

In 1972, a new addition to the front of the Church as started. This addition gave us a class room, nursery, two restrooms, and a new entrance. This remodeling carried over into the sanctuary where the ceiling was lowered, the walls refinished, and wainscoting put around the sanctuary.

In 1974, the Church was air conditioned and a new public address system installed. New pews were purchased for the sanctuary and the attic over the restrooms was floored for storage.

In 1981, new pews to match the furniture in the sanctuary were added to the Rob Collins Sunday School class room.

In 1988, a new Fellowship Hall was added to the back part of the Church.

In 2007, the Church located at 5918 Whitney Rd in Graham was sold.

In 2007, the members moved into the new Church building at 6324 Hwy 87 South in Graham.

The Lord has called the following men from our Church into the preaching ministry: Harley Anderson, James W. Anderson, and Terry Eugene Knighten.

Pastor's having served our Church since 1935 are:



Dates Served

Joseph A. Price 1935-1939
William Atchison and Sister Nancy 1939-1941
Clyde E. Smith 1941-1944
Rigdon Massey 1944-1946
Odell J. Powell 1946-1949
Willis Miller 1950-1953
Thomas Mangrum, Jr. 1953-1955
Waldo Seawell 1955-1959
Gaither Reich 1959-1976
John Wheeler 1976-1977
Tim Keesee 1977-1978
Kent Garner 1978-1979
Gene Moser 1979-1982
Tim Satterfield 1983-1984
James Hollinsworth 1985-1988
Doug Durham 1988-1989
Ernest Lauffenburger 1989-1990
Lawrence Rudd 1990-1991
Darrell K. 1991-1994
Arnold Fawl 1995-2000
David Gifford 2000-2001
Billy Cato and Timmy Aldridge (Interim Pastors) 2002-2003
Stephen Hall 2003-2015
J. Rodney Powell 2015 - present